Ordering procedure

1. First you have to choose where you plan to use the timber (Interior, Exterior or Terrace) that you want to process

To ensure the highest quality, we treat the timber intended for outdoor work with an antiseptic. We impregnate the terrace boards from all four sides, because the terrace boards are exposed to the greatest humidity.

2. Select the amount of processing

When the type of use of timber is chosen, you must indicate how many sides (three or four) you want to process. In case of uncertainty, please contact us. Including the number of coating layers.

3. Choose the treatment type and shade

For the type of use of the selected wood, you will find processing methods and, depending on it, you will be able to open the tone card on the computer screen and choose the desired tone or use the tone finder and enter the tone code, if one is known. For covering colors, it is possible to find shade codes from more than 60 shade cards, starting with NCS and RAL, to shade cards of Caparol and other paint manufacturers.

If you are not sure about the chosen tone from the computer screen and you have the opportunity to come to us locally, you can look at samples of the most popular tones on wood or choose a tone from physical tone catalogs.

4. Execution of orders

After placing the order, we will give you an answer about the exact deadline, and we can also offer the collection and delivery of your timber from and to the address you specify.

Approximate deadlines:

  • Up to 200 m2, 3 – 5 working days
  • Over 200 m2, 5 – 10 working days