A better result

To ensure a better result, we recommend re-coating the industrially painted finishing boards with paint after their assembly, as the last layer of paint covers the places where the boards are fastened – nails or screws. Finishing boards painted in the factory are the most suitable for facades and have significant advantages compared to boards painted on the construction site. Painting in a construction site, taking into account our climatic conditions, is more complicated, more expensive and of less quality.


In addition, we also offer aging of boards or brushing. Which gives the wood a special look and gives a unique effect by using the relevant finishing material.

Industrial painting

Industrial painting allows you to get a more even and high-quality surface coating compared to painting with a brush or roller. Also, the processing time is incomparably faster! Timber is processed and dried exclusively indoors where there is a constant temperature and no dusty environment, which increases its quality. Only environmentally friendly water-based finishing materials are used for painting. We can also use solvent-based finishing materials as well as two-component finishing materials for processing timber.

We also offer the opportunity to process timber with the products of the finishing material manufacturers you need. All finishing materials can be tinted according to the catalogs of all major paint manufacturers.